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The festival of lights.

Walking down the crowded streets of downtown Minneapolis fighting his way among the throng of shoppers didn't do anything to improve Prateek's mood. Christmas was almost a month away, they weren’t yet done with Thanks Giving, but some shops had already started their Christmas campaign. Prateek thought of Laxmi road back home overflowing with Diwali shoppers. Pushing his gloved fists deep in his coat pockets he walked on, blind to the people around him.
A star hanging outside a small shop reminded him of a similar lantern he had once made and suddenly he wanted to be back in Pune. He could picture his little sister looking grown up decked up in a saree, Mother looking a little tired, she must have stayed up the whole night preparing sweets, dad dressed in dhoti and kurta, impatiently waiting for every one to get ready for the traditional breakfast. The oil lamps would be lit in every window, and lanterns hung up high. There would be the aroma of food and fire crackers in the…