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( She picked up the gun, and went stealthily towards the barred window, peeking out)He- Where did you get that thing! Doesn’t look local. She- I have my sources.HE- I wish you would change your mind. This has to stop at some point. She- Shhhhh. Lower your voice.You know it’s not possible for me to be objective and reasonable about this.He- I understand … but think of the times. Men roaming the streets, in high spirits. You can’t hold a man responsible for what he does in the heat of the moment. So he lost his head! She shouldn’t have stepped out of the house.She- Lost his head! Oh go and boil your head! Don’t preach me forgiveness.How the HELL can you defend that man! He could have remembered who he was! Who she was! He- Listen! All that is over and done with. She said she had forgiven him. If She can, why can’t you ?She- How can I forget her standing there on the road.. surrounded by THEM .... I tried to go help her... But mom and dad dragged me back, they will barge in they said… d…