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Let's start at the very beginning...

My impressions of Dubai airport are blurred thanks to a fast moving airport cart with me sitting backwards. I am uncomfortable sitting facing backwards in any vehicle. One always likes to see where one is going. Sitting with our back to the driver is kind of heading into the unknown and we see things only in retrospect - if you get the meaning. I saw high ceiling, lights all over, arches galore ( I think ) people everywhere and a vastness of proportion which was not unpleasant. It was the " Topi Ud Gayi " kind of place that interests and overwhelms you at the same time.  If airports can be thought to be masculine or feminine, then Dubai airport struck me as a feminine airport, in soft colors, decked up and scintillating. What ever my other impressions, my most fixed memory will be the driver singing ' dani dani dani daaaani '! He was a handsome guy with a high energy even at 2.30. I wish he had sung the next line. Maybe the next time I visit Dubai...

The 17 hr flight from Dubai to LA I won't wish even on my worst foes. No cribs against Emirates though. They were wonderful. The plane actually had leg space in keeping with average human scale, the food was plentiful and delicious, and the choice of the movies was awesome. But sitting for 17 hours strapped to a seat ( which has started to get a wee bit smaller and snugger every time I fly abroad ) I gave myself up to stoically observing pain and discomfort ( like they taught me at Vipassana ) in various areas for the remainder of my journey, telling myself- it builds character.

At every port our pattern was same. The moment we landed there would be a friendly attendant waiting right at the entrance of the aircraft with a wheelchair. He would plonk amma in the chair and take off, yelling at me over his shoulders- follow me ! I followed him of course. After all, he was zooming away with my one and only mom ! Same thing happened at LA's Tom Bradley Airport. ( Yes, in the US they name places after many many different people, unlike our country.) The friendly chap put mom in the chair and took off. He rushed us through the immigration, customs and other formalities, got our baggage, and with the speed of light brought us out to where Satish was waiting. I strongly recommend the authorities to fit these attendants with a bright red cape. They have earned it.

Finally completely jet lagged, with eyes wide open as an owl, we were on the American soil, 


Inder said…
Hi Suniti,

Looks like you have started enjoying yourself.
The comments about the airports were a treat as I could visualize you racing through them with the attendant taking off with mom.

Enjoy, and take caer.
Anuradha said…
Suniti its happening in front of my eyes... a blurrr.. of a bright red cape now visible now not... and a mop of nice curly hair trying to keep pace with it.....
suniti joshi said…
Thanks Inder and Anu.
Every word of appreciation goes a long way :)


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