A New pair Of Glasses

I went to purchase a new pair of glasses. Alone.
Normally having friends along for selection of frame is a given. My friends-superior beings with creative temperament- have very exact and rather fixed ideas about what my face should look like. Don’t blame them really- after all, They are the ones who have to do the ‘looking’ where as I am safely Behind it- looking Out-so to speak.

The moment some one screams - Go get a hair cut, you are looking pathetic- I head out to the stylist,of THEIR choice of course.

So I went to purchase a new pair of glasses. Alone-as it was a working day.
I felt abandoned.
I entered the fancy showroom where I had been ‘Requested' to go.
I cleared my throat and mumbled-‘ I want new glasses’.

A guy- terribly smart in a jazzy pair of glasses- looking suave like the heroes of bygone era smiled kindly at me and reached for the glasses perched on my nose. I couldn’t have been more shocked or surprised if he had reached for the top buttons of my shirt.

I backed off – ‘Hey !’ and glared at him through my glasses.
‘Sorry Ma’am. Just wanted to look at the power.’
‘No need- My doctors prescription is here-‘ I waved it at him.
‘Just show me some good frames- and make the glasses.’
He again made passes at me. He needed the size this time.
I relented.

I stood blinking at a blurry world like a surprised owl.
People with 20-20 vision will never understand how a myopic feels without his glasses.
World gets blurry, you feel that every one is looking at you. Somehow you start talking a little louder as if you are hard of hearing. In an attempt to look 'Normal' your eyes either widen or squint.
You feel helpless like a baby.
The man left with my glasses leaving me alone in the dense fog.
I looked at the street scene. Something bright yellow went slowly past the shop window, could be yellow car, or a fat woman in yellow saree. Even the sales guy had started looking vaguely like young Cary Grant.

The man came back. He had several very trendy looking frames which he kept pushing on my nose, and showing me the mirror.
Now –if I could see myself in the mirror- why the Hell would I be in that shop buying glasses ? I selected a few by size and fit. I soooo missed my friends  And here I was faced by a smug sales person beaming at me ! Of course he was smug. HIS WORLD WAS IN FOCUS!
I tried one frame after the other with a growing feeling of helplessness.
I finally asked him ‘which one should I choose ? ‘
He was clearly taken aback, I don’t think any one ever asked him what he thought.
All he had to do was put frames before people and stand there looking like a moronic Cary Grant.
But he understood my dilemma and got in the act.
He put frame after frame on my nose, looking thoughtful, scurrying off to find a few more frames.
I was fast losing my confidence in him. I looked around. There were a few more guys standing around and watching us with what I thought 'pitying looks'. I invited Them to join us. Now there were 3 people helping me choose. I appealed to the girl at cash counter for a woman’s perspective. She strolled over to the counter and picked a few more, looked at my face , announced in a bored tone that they were all ok and left.
Bitch with an Attitude !!!

Just then one sales guy stepped forward. Why hadn’t he joined the action earlier I couldn’t guess. May be he was waiting to be needed, like now. He took a look at all the frames scattered on the counter and started rejecting them one by one. I could hear him give directions to the other guys. ‘Get that brown one… No not the square one… A one slightly curved…. Too large.. Get smaller frames…She has a small face…’.

I relaxed. I was in safe hands. The other guys started zipping out wonderful frames from the collection which they had kept hidden all this while. He kept pushing then on my nose one after the other. I liked the masterful way he handled my glasses- put them gently yet firmly on my nose, looked keenly and say softly‘ ok lets try this one now.’

I felt like a lamb who had found her master !
Finally we settled for one pair, I looked at Him for approval and got it. I looked around and saw beaming faces of other sales people- who were clearly relieved to have me finish my business.

I put my old glasses back on and the world was back in focus.
I was all business now, as if to make up for my earlier stupidities .
I briskly opened my wallet, zipped out my impressive credit card, handed it to my benefactor, guide and guardian angel and asked ‘When do I come for them?’

‘Oh ! I don’t work here. Just waiting for them to deliver My glasses.’


kaaju katli said…
Loved this one when I read this on Caferati :-) You write with a spirit that is so refreshing!
Cheers always!
Parul Gahlot said…
loved reading this. I also am a fellow myopic. I am so used to buying my own glasses that having someone tell me which ones to buy drives me up the wall!

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