The Tao of Windows.

( This is an entry from my old Blog. It is carried over in this one because my hopeless Inaptitude about all things windows still remains unshaken. )

Creating this blog was not an easy task. You may not believe me- but after creation this blog was lost....twice……Geeta will vouch for that.

Let me get one thing off my chest, I am just not a computer savvy person.
I went to the shop to buy a book to learn how to work with the windows. There were big – colorful books , Some were illustrated with pretty cartoons & what not. I admired the pictures, liked the glossy pages of the books – even managed Not to flinch when I read some of the prices …… but the problem came when I had to choose between ‘Windows for Idiots’ & ‘Windows for Dummies’.
I thought for a long time .. but couldn’t make up my mind where I fit in- Idiots or dummies. I even thought about taking a poll with my friends on this matter – but the names THEY usually call me by– nobody has written any books about Them yet !!!! At least, not pretty glossy ones with pictures.

Over the years I had learnt to live with computers, from an uneasy truce our relationship has progressed to actual affection & tolerance. But that doesn’t mean I understand my buddy. The words –‘ fatal error’ used to make me want to rush to call for an ambulance – we are all conditioned to fear some words- fatal is one of them. The only time I like that word is when people describe my charms as ‘fatal’ ;)
Then there is HTML & there is ‘Flash ‘. There was a time when ‘Flash’ had a different meaning. My way of spring cleaning is deleting every crucial file on my hard disk :P I am the sort of person who deletes the original program because there already exists a short cut on the desk top :P

Till this day I am unlearnt in the ways of the windows. The best use for them I think is for jumping out …………


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