Tito and the Call girls.

"See, one more girl has gone in" Tito whispered to me urgently. I tried to take a look over my shoulder, but couldn’t. As the nature hadn't designed my neck to turn in 180 degrees, I had to depend entirely on the faint reflections in the glass door opposite me and Tito’s dramatic narration.

We were sitting in a fancy downtown restaurant. as we were meeting after a long time there was a lot of catching up to do. Right in the middle of ‘what happened to ...’ Tito broke off to exclaim in a shocked tone .."I say- these girls look like hook- I mean... call girls. Is this THAT kind of a joint?"

I was a little surprised to find this puritanical streak in Tito. I wasn't sure if I entirely approved.
In this metro city of ours I have stopped worrying about who does what for a living. From Barrister to Bar girl, each has to battle on the same turf every single day.

"Hmmmm ….May be they are" I mumbled into my wine. Having wine for lunch made me feel deliciously decadent. The heavenly aroma of the Balinese Pasta was causing a tingle in my nose. I was finding out that unusual though the combination might sound- Thai food and Merlot was a match made in heaven.

Tito was still focused on the call girls.
"Are they bothering you or something Tito ? Maybe we should talk to the management." I said.

"No-no-no … they are not bothering me. But just look at them! Such gaudy, skimpy, sequined clothes at this time of the day!" The girls had apparently violated not just his moral but also his sartorial conventions.

"It could be a private party you know- girls like to dress up." I tried to reason.

"Party? with Just girls? I don't see any guys! Why would they dress up if no guys?"-Tito's irrefutable reasoning.
So One dresses up only for male approval. Hmmmm. The day was turning out to be quite interesting. Tito was revealing a chauvinistic side which I had not noticed till now.

I swallowed the suggestion that they could be lesbians and uttered a thoughtful ‘Aaaah‘ with a wise nod.

"There is something awfully fishy going on in this place. They keep going in through THAT Door and come out after some time."

I could see that Tito was working up a fine steam. He always did fancy himself a Super Hero on a mission.
"May be some kind of an audition for a show". I felt compelled to offer some explanation.
"Ever heard of the casting couch? It could be THAT racket!" Tito said darkly. "A young girl could be in dire trouble even as we speak. I think I even heard a few shrieks."

I took a good look at the bevy of bubbly girls flitting around like butterflies, each one of them shrieking merrily.
"Naaah, no casting couch happening here, NOT with so many of them around."

I saw a girl disappear through that mysterious door. Now even I had started paying attention. Things were really looking interesting. As Tito had described,they were vanishing and reappearing like magician's assistants. I looked closely at them. None looked like they needed Tito to protect them. I told him to chill and enjoy our lunch in peace.

Suddenly there was a loud cheer of ‘Happy Birthday’ With all girls clapping and waiters striking up the music, it Was a birthday party after all. An All girl party ! I envied those girls. I was tempted to dump Tito and join THEM. The only reason I didn’t was because I wasn’t wearing a glittery-skimpy sequined dress.

We finished lunch, the bill was paid. Tito was now in a generous mood.

"Lets go and wish the B’day girl" He said magnanimously, his good cheer completely restored.

The B’Day girl was busy dancing with the cake platter on her head, so we decided not to bother her. We waved to the group as we left the restaurant.

And that mysterious Door? That turned out to be the Loo.


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