Just what I always wanted to do.

" Ma'am, how would you like to win a free gift ?" He asked me in a tone a game show host uses on unsuspecting participants.

I was visiting Shopper's Stop. I had lost my friend at the cosmetic counter somewhere among the young bubbly girls spraying perfume on passers by. I was looking around for her and I became aware of a young man addressing me. One overly cheerful, overly respectful and overly friendly young man was looking at me with a winning smile on his face.

" NO, thanks.” I said curtly.
That man must be earning good bucks to put up with people like me. He continued with an annoying persistence.Finally I relented and said,
'Yes, I would LOVE to win a free gift , what do I have to do ?"
He jubilantly thrust a microphone in my face and said
" Just laugh in the Mic please."
" Excuse me ? " I was taken aback. His smile widened as if he had seen this reaction before.
" Today is The Laughter Day Ma'am! Yes!! That's all you have to do to get a wonderful gift from us. Free. Just laugh in this mic."
I tried to shoo him away. But he persisted persuasively.
" Just once Ma'am. One little laugh."

I stared at the mic as if hypnotized. I remembered my long forgotten wish. I thought it was gone and forgotten, buried in the debris of childhood. Something I always longed to do.

" Just laugh ? " I whispered to the young man timidly.
" Yes ma'am. Just laugh, and this gift will be yours". He waved a silver foiled package.

I took the mic in my hands, held it close to my lips, cleared my throat, took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and let it RIP !!!!

" Heeee heee heee heee heee Haa Haaa haaa haaaa haaa haaaa !!!
Heeee heee heee heee heee Haa Haaa haaa haaaa haaa haaaa !!!"

The demonic cackle of my evil laughter reverberated on all five floors of Shoppers Stop through the PA system and the entire shop stopped shopping. People rushed to see who it was, the bubbly girls froze in terror and my poor unsuspecting young man was looking at me with wide eyed horror.

And with my angel smile back on my face I walked out with my free gift.


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opiniastrous said…
lol. What was the gift?

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