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This is an under construction piece. all the comments are most welcome. This is an attempt to croniclize every day happening and ironies of small lives. Sonu bai's and mine.


"Bai, you tell me what are we supposed to do? Where are we supposed to go? How can he even think such a thing! And I had thought that my daughter will be happy in that house! After all he is my own cousin's son."

Dad & I could hear the conversation between sonu bai who was our maid and my mom in the kitchen. Dad was a bit upset at the tranquility disturbed so early on a sunday morning. He asked me to go in the kitchen to find out what the matter was and warn mom discreetly not to get involved. If Sonubai needs help we will help of course. She was almost family. But this daily soap opera getting rather monotonous. Anything that could go wrong usually went wrong where Sonubai was concerned and then my mother would be ready with medicine, money, clothes, a pat on the back, a kind word, a cup of tea, what ever seemed to be the placibo that sonubai was looking for. To do her justice, there was an amazing lack of greed in sonbai. She rarely asked for anything beyond a kind word. Her salary and my mom's old saris was enough to keep her happy.
One thing Mom is very good at, and that's keeping servants happy. She has realized that there was nothing more precious to a hard working woman than a cup of hot tea, and a long gossip session.
Today looked a little different. I could see real distress on sonubai's face that wouldn't be eased with tea. Mother looked at a loss as to how to consol her. My tentative enquiries opened the flood gates once again, but mom quickly wrapped things up, giving me a concise version while sonubai sipped tea, dabbing at her eyes and nose occassionally.
Sonubai 's daughter Kashi had gotten married to her own cousin eight months ago. Now that she was pregnant, her husband sent her home with an allagation that the baby is not his.
It was a difficult situation for all, and withour really intending to, even my father started having interest in the proceedings. The domestic chaos went on for a while. The long and short of it was- there was another woman in her son in law- Nilesh's life so he very conveniently sent his wife packing with the false allegation. Sonubai brought her pregnant daughter home and Nilesh took that other woman as his wife.

Kashi started coming to work with sonubai but MOm wouldn't let her do heavy chores. Instead she gave Kashi fabric and taught her to make baby clothes. Kashi was a quick learner. In a few months time she not only learnt to sew but also to embroider and knit. With the clothes ready she awaited the baby's arrival eagerly.

In due course the baby arrived without much fanfare. 15 days later Kashi visited us with a sturdy looking baby boy, and happily told my dad that she was planning to educate her son and make him a doctor. Dad smiled as he handed the baby a hundred.

Kashi became quite accostumed to her happy state as the rejected woman. Even the pointed queries by some women about her unfaithful husband and his 'Woman' failed to distress her. Her life was complete with her baby.
She had now started stiching baby clothes for all the other women in her locality and earning some money. On the whole Sonubai's and our home life was going through a peaceful period.

Sunday morning peace was once again broken by Sonubai's sobs. Dad looked at me with the question on his face, I went to kitchen to find out what was it this time.

Sonubai told me with great aggravation in her voice.- "That stupid son in law of mine has sent me a lawyer's notice, claiming the son as His !! "


r r said…
would like to read more ...

but umm just a wee bit tweaking

"Dad & I could hear the conversation between sonu bai, our maid and my mom in the kitchen."

when i read that, i thought there was a conversation between three people instead of two ;). 'our maid' could be put in parantheses yeh?
suniti said…
Thanks for the correctin. Necessary changes made in the story :)


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