The face of a revolution

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With this one logo Mumbai based graphic artist has given a voice to thousands of protesters all over the nation about the reservation issue. Certain communities and castes are being given seats in all educational institutes, job opportunities in government offices. This policy hits the students badly who can not get in to universities because they do not belong to the favoured caste, while the seats many a times go empty.
In the past too government has implemented policies with an eye on the vote bank. Favouring certain communities and castes in return for their votes. The current reservation policy which has no logical base has been created with similer aims.

Delhi based Vikrant Nath and Bombay based Hemant Suthar got together to create this logo, to be printed on t-shirts to be worn by protesters and any other sympathetic citizens. Logo is designed by Hemant, and the entire cost of making 1000 t-shirts is born by Vikrant nath.
" The logo is based on the 'No Parking' sign. By replacing P with R, we wanted to convey that there is no free parking for the OBCs and the politician."
- Hemant Suthar.

( Note:- OBC- Other Backward Classes.)


Anonymous said…
The ancestors of today's SC/ST/OBCs were oppressed. Nobody is denying this, but turning the
tables and now oppressing forward casts/higher caste people for an accident of their birth is quite ridiculous.

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