Fifty seven years ago, on this day.......

Today is my parent's wedding anniversary. Fifty seven years since my Mom entered my Dad's household as a shy bride. She was seventeen, he was twenty six. For her his twenty six was a very wise old age.
She joined a family diametrically opposite to everything she was familiar with, and proceeded to become a part of it. She did it so well, that her mother in law was her biggest admirer. Mom has earned this love and esteem the old fashioned way. By loving and giving.
Mom is a natural leader and an extrovert, while dad is an introvert who loves to be left alone with his books. A man of few words, and even fewer friends, he never clipped my mom’s wings. He hates women who confine themselves to household chores. It was important to him that she explored all her talents and abilities. Even if that meant, being known as 'Mrs. Joshi's Husband'. She had become quite a public figure due to her numerous achievements.

She has hair she can sit on and then some :) Dad would purchase flowers for her every evening on his way home from office. Later I pretended to laugh at it by calling it totally middle class. But I secretly loved the gesture.

My parent's union is the unity of Shiv and Shakti. Dad is like Shiv, a straight forward, emotional, idealistic, blunt, reclusive scholar with uncompromising nature. He is quick to anger and equally quick to cool down. Mom is quintessential Maya and Shakti. Wily,diplomatic,creative, talented, loving and wise, a woman with a thousand faces and ten thousand moods. Only she could have coped with dad. Can’t see any other woman doing that. You don’t believe me? Ask my Grandma, who was fully aware how difficult her son could be. For that reason Mom always remained her favorite.

We have big plans for today. Family will gather together for dinner. I will dress mom up in a lovely saree,then she and dad will be photographed together. Then we too will see fleeting glimpses of a seventeen year old adoring bride and her twenty six year old proud husband.

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Quicksilver! said…
Belated wishes to the lovely couple:)Wishing them lots of love,health and happiness:)
Anonymous said…
What a lovely post suniti!!! And what a lovely couple...Have tears in my eyes right now...


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