My celebrity look alikes.

I happened to stumble upon this website which, among other things helps you find your celebrity look alikes.
Out of curiosity I checked out myself. I am like that, curious ! I always wanted to look like. Halle Berry. Don't ask me why! Maybe its that famous cat suit. Can't resist cats.

It was quite simple actually. One thing I have realized about web. Everything is always very simple. A couple of clicks of buttons is all you need to order something or accidentally send a spam mail to the whole world.

Directions said-
Upload a photo, full front. I did. Then the programme ran a face recognition. It was all very impressive. It gathered my image data and came up with this-

I think the programme needs to be fine tuned. A few bugs still seem to be partying in the system. I mean, how else can anyone explain the choice of my look alikes?
Now, I don't mind Julia Robert, Marion Jones is pretty cute too, especially her hairstyle. I have been toying with shaving my head since the mercury has shot up and if I am going to look like her I don't mind. But Ozzy Osbourne ??? Why Ozzy ? Why not Lennon ?

I have been practicing smiling like Julia ever since.


Che said…
Ha! I didnt know I was sexy. I tells me I look like Halle Berry (90%), David Hasselhoff (78%), Lisa Snowdon and David Boreanaz. It even threw in Zayed Khan at 8th place!

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