California Summer

I always knew that this visit was going to be different from my earlier visits to this country. Older I get (sigh!), more I find myself shifting from iWANT to iHAVE. This doesn't apply to iPAD of course, but that is indulgence with a capital I.

 When asked what I wanted to do during my visit, images rushed to my mind. It surprised me to find out that most were about food. Anderson's Pea soup, the corn bread and honey which I had for breakfast in Arizona, the square slices from the Round Table pizza, the baked garlic with bread and olive oil in Nepenthe...enchiladas stuffed which cheese with a side order of refried beans and fried rice...not to mention margaritas... boiled corn on cob with melting butter eaten at a camping trip..sourdough bread which is a part of american history...the list was unending. " You need to go on a strict diet" was my brother's detached summing up. Maybe so..maybe so.

Leaving the food aside I would love to visit gardens. I still dream of the Japanese garden I visited in Saratoga in 2010. Visit beaches, take road trips, see as many museums and galleries as I can ( top of the list are LA County Museum and J.Paul Getty Museum ), visit flee markets, small food place ( there we go again ) attend jazz concerts -hopefully at the Hollywood Bowl... see plays if possible. See good serials on the Masterpiece theater on the TV... take photos and photos and more photos.......................
.............and write regularly in my blog. This last resolve is an  important one. I am coming to this blog after a long time... three years. Lets see if California summer melts that block of ice in my brain.


Hooray Suni. Looking forward to reading some good stuff. I hope your quirky sense of humour comes to the fore in these posts soon!!!
Anuradha said…
Yesss Suniti looks like i m going to rediscover the writer i met 3 years ago who was lost in the mad world called LSR.Looking forward to more and more postings.
suniti joshi said…
Hey Geet, quirkiness comes naturally sometimes. It needs good fodder :)

Anu, yes LSR is like a mad race where they keep shifting the goal posts :P Hopefully things will change and writing will be more effortless.

Hugs to you both.

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